Monday, January 8:

Pray for the millions of orphaned children and widows around the world.  Remember the widows in our Church and community.  What might you do to help them?

Tuesday, January 9: 

Pray for our children and their leaders as they resume Children’s Choir and C2C today.

Pray for safety for our children as they travel to the Church by bus.

Remember our children each Tuesday as they are learning so many wonderful things about God.

Wednesday, January 10:

Pray for Regina Williams, Bill Sewell, Ronnie and Judy Wallin, Nicholas Honeycutt, Lisa Coomer, and Arden Starnes and the work the do to bless and minister to our congregation!

Thursday, January 11: 

“The prayer from the heart of a person who is right with God has much power.” James 5:16

Ask God to help you be committed to prayer each day.

Friday, January 12: 

Pray for those who are on the mission field and ask that God will give them strength, energy, and protection.  Ask God to comfort them when they are discouraged and pray for the difficulty of being away from family.

Pray for the protection of believers who live in persecution as they proclaim Christ.

Saturday, January 13:  

Pray for our Sunday School teachers and for direction and insight as they prepare to teach our classes tomorrow.  Be faithful in your Sunday School attendance and encourage others to come so we can all “hide God’s word in our hearts.”

Sunday, January 14:

“Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” I Chronicles 16:11

Pray for our worship services today and for God to help us be a welcoming, forgiving, selfless community of believers.