During 2018, the Board of Christian Education invites you to join us as we read through the New Testament focusing especially on the words of Jesus.  This plan is a very simple one:  read one chapter of the New Testament each day; Monday through Friday.  Saturday is a day to catch up and Sunday is Sabbath.  Why don’t we spend some quality time each day studying God’s word together.  As an additional opportunity, we would also invite you to focus on writing some of the words of Jesus every day.  Find a translation that speaks to your heart and copy some of the words of Jesus every day; perhaps committing some of them to memory.  As we spend time reading God’s word and listening for His still small voice, may our 2018 be a year of being transformed more into the likeness of our Lord!  

The file for Read the New Testament Through in 2018 can be found under About Us, Resources.