This past week was spent with an amazing group of youth, young adults, adults, and those who are young at heart in Washington, D.C. I can honestly say this has been the best mission trip I have ever been on. I have had many different experiences serving at National Baptist Memorial Church (NBMC). As a youth, a summer intern, a spring intern and now as an adult.

This trip was particularly interesting for me because I was able to sit back a little more and watch this incredible group of youth run the camp rotations and interact with the children. I was able to watch Ellen, Glenda and Nancy work tirelessly in the kitchen preparing meals for the children, I saw Larae come up with different ideas for positive reinforcement, Heather and Kassi lead the camp group and I learned so much from them. Our youth boys worked on random projects which Tommy seemed to magically find throughout the church. The youth girls played games, danced and offered a listening ear for so many children. Tommy managed miraculously keep us alive and motivated all the way through the week. I am impressed and cannot say enough regarding the willingness of everyone to do what was asked of them this week.

As always the children at camp taught me more about life and God than I could ever imagine. When asked how I saw God move this week I mentioned getting to talk with parents of children at camp. This was one of the first years I have been able to speak with some of the parents. They were grateful and excited to have our group come to what I am convinced is one of the hottest places on Earth to spend a week with their kids. They reinforced the reason why we were there!

On Friday, Jerry Gault drove a U-Haul truck up to D.C. loaded with food to distribute during the church’s food pantry. As we were unloading the truck, three of the older campers helped us. I have never seen kids more excited to be involved and help unpack and repack boxes in my life. They expected nothing in return for helping however; they did receive an oatmeal cream pie which was well received. On Saturday we were unsure of how many people would be there to receive food due to a mis-communication, but God worked in a miraculous way and 106 individuals came through and received food. This trip would not have been as successful as it was without all of your support and prayers. Thank you all for sending us and I encourage you all to go when God calls. You will not be disappointed!