Spring is upon us (even though it may be wintry this weekend!) and we have begun the season of Lent, the forty days, not counting Sundays that lead to EasterLent is a time of reflection with serious soul-searching and repentance.  Some have even described it as Spring cleaning for the soul!  It can be a powerful spiritual time for those who observe the season.  Some folks desire to give up something during Lent (i.e. chocolate, soft drinks, red meat, television, etc.) and some people choose to add something to their lives — like eating more nutritiously or incorporating Bible study and prayer into their daily routine.

The Board of Christian Education would like to encourage you to pray for the church during the season of Lent.  God is at work in each of us and God is at work in the church.  As we pray, let us ask God to lead us and guide us to be the people/church God calls us to be, not just in our ministries within the church and in our relationships with one another but also in our ministries and work outside the church; that our daily witness will show integrity and share God’s love.  Our world is hurting and in need of a Savior.  The church, through Christ, has much to offer!  As we come together for Bible Study, our Lenten study, and worship, let us call upon the Spirit to infuse our time in God’s presence and breathe new life into the “body” of Christ called Mars Hill Baptist Church.

May God renew us during the season of Lent!

Sharon Welsch, Associate Pastor