A minister was asked to speak at the anniversary of the founding of a local church. 

Probably the most important statement the pastor made was this: 

Here, yesterday, today and tomorrow meet
For workers who dream
And dreamers who work. 

Think of the founding members of the church, the church of yesterday. They built the foundation. Concerning the church at Corinth, St. Paul said, “I planted” [this Corinthian church] (1 Corinthians 3:6, nrsv). Those who responded to the Gospel in Corinth were “the plants” so to speak, the first members of the congregation. 

Paul went on to start other churches, but he did not leave those first Corinthian congregants to flounder alone. He left Apollos to water the new plants. “I planted,” wrote Paul, “Apollos watered, but God gave the growth” (1 Corinthians 3:6, rsv).

The church of yesterday began to include the church of today, and in time there would be the church of tomorrow. The seed of the great Gospel had been planted and the soil was good enough to bring forth more members. 

The result was church workers. “Workers who dream” — workers who caught the vision and turned to work on behalf of God’s kingdom. They were workers who tried to make the dream a reality. They were dreamers who work. 

No church can survive without workers who dream great dreams. And no church can grow in good health without dreamers who work for the church of today and for the church of tomorrow. 

Author Unknown

On Sunday, October 9, 2016 we celebrated our church and its 160th Anniversary! We also recognized Sharon Welsch our associate pastor and her 10th anniversary with Mars Hill Baptist Church. We really surprised Sharon Sunday during our Homecoming luncheon; the Chancel Choir has stayed hush-hush with a special “love offering” for her and her husband, Bill. We also presented to her a beautiful pottery bowl, handmade by Jane Renfroe, Associate Professor of Art at Mars Hill University.

We are so thankful for the work that Sharon does in serving our church and community. We are now opening the “love offering” to the entire congregation and to those that Sharon’s ministry has touched. You may drop off your donations in the church office or send by mail to PO Box 218, Mars Hill, NC 28754. You may also contribute through our website Giving Portal as a One Time Donation. Please designate your gift as “Sharon Love Offering.”

Thank you Sharon for 10 great years!