Monday, October 10:

Be still and quiet before God, asking God to show you anything in your daily living that is hindering your witness and relationship with Him.

Pray for the ministries of our church that what we do will be pleasing to God and be a wonderful reflection of God’s love.

Pray for our associate pastor Sharon Welsch and her husband, Bill. 

Tuesday, October 11:

Pray for America, that our divisions and hurt will be healed.

Ask God to help guide our leaders.

Pray for our upcoming election.

Wednesday, October 12:

But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness . . . Matthew 6:33

Pray that God is at the center of our lives and that we will keep seeking His will.

Thursday, October 13:

Pray for our Homebound members and their caregivers. 

Pray for those with chronic or terminal illness.

Friday, October 14:

The opening of Your word gives light . . . Psalm 119:130

Pray for the families of our church that they may have the strength day by day to care for one another with love.

Pray for our pastor Tommy Justus and his wife, Tanya.

Saturday, October 15:

Pray for our worship services tomorrow and for God to help us be a welcoming, forgiving, selfless community of believers.

Pray for continued unity and a cooperative spirit.

Pray for the financial health of our church.

Pray that we as a church will be faithful in our giving to the Lord. 

Sunday, October 16:

God will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because He trusts in them.  Isaiah 26:3

Pray for our Sunday School teachers and those who are bringing us God’s message today.

Pray for our Diaconate as they meet tonight to finalize the visioning process. Ask God to guide them as they meet together.