Honduras Mission Breakfast Event

In 2013 a group from Mars Hill Baptist Church went to Honduras with AC and Susie Honeycutt. Our church donated clothes, shoe, eyeglasses and money to help the people in Choluteca, Honduras. The Seekers Class and Paul Briggs Come & See donated money to build two houses.

On October 23rd, Asten Hull, The evangelist in Choluteca will speak at a breakfast at our church. The purpose of the breakfast is twofold; first, to inform us of how we can help with sharing the gospel in Choluteca. The second part, to donate the money raised from the breakfast so the work can continue in Choluteca. I hope you will attend!


NEW Beginning Baptist Mission, Choluteca, Honduras

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are happy to share with you that our summer has been a blessed one thus far.  God continues to do great and marvelous things among us. We always hope this update finds each one of you growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 6:24 “ Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.”

During the month of July we were blessed to have Christway Church from Tennessee with us for two weeks.  During their visit they were able to bless four families with a new home in the name of Jesus!  This puts us ever closer to finishing the housing project the Lord has given us here in Javier Soriano. Their teams also visited families in several neighborhoods of Choluteca and shared the Gospel with a gift of rice and beans and as a result their were approximately 100 souls that made decisions to accept Jesus Christ.  Apart from this work they also organized a conference for our Pastors and their wives.  This was such a refreshing and blessing for our Pastoral families!  Even after three weeks have passed from the time of  the conference they are still talking about the love they were shown, the things they learned, and the servant mindedness of Christway Church. Apart from this Christway organized a youth conference where several youth made decisions to accept Christ. We love how Christway Church is allowing the Spirit of Jesus to live in and work through them! May the Lord bless this Godly work they are realizing for His Glory!

Larry has been visiting in the States during the month of July and will be returning this month of August.  During his absence Mike has been over all the construction and looking after our sponsored  children’s needs.  We now have over 110 sponsored children in the mission.  We thank the Lord for these children and their sponsors.  They will be finishing their school year in November so please say a prayer for them as they get closer to closing out this school year.

Our other ministries have been blessed!  Our churches are continuing to work on discipleship, and evangelism training with their members.  Our Pastors have been serving each other and helping each other with messages to uplift their members and encourage each other in their ministry.  We have seen many souls make re-commitments to Christ and many have made decisions for the first time to receive Jesus as a result of this effort! We have seen people healed from different infirmities and we have seen people set free from diverse bondage of Satan. God is at Work!

We continue to minister through our weekly radio program, “Faith That Overcomes The World.” It is a program that runs Monday through Fridayfrom 3-4 in the afternoon. God has been providing an ever growing listening audience and we have many reports of how the Lord is blessing lives and speaking truth into the hearts of both nonbelievers  and believers. There has been a false gosple of works based salvation preached for many generations by way of Catholic theology and we are constantly preaching the Pure Gospel of faith based salvation and hoping in the Word and Spirit of God to change hearts in Honduras. If you would like to help sponsor this program it cost $100.00 per month and just respond to this email.

We were able to send Bibles to a Prison in Santa Barbara. You will see the men holding up their Bibles in the pictures along with the pastor presenting them to the prisoners.  Also in the pictures you will see the four homes that were built, pastors at marriage conference praying with their wives, and Christway Church evangelizing with rice and beans.

Please pray for the people of Honduras as 6 out of every 10 people are unemployed and many live in poverty and on the verge of desperation.

With love from all of our families here at New Beginning Baptist Mission!

God bless!

Larry, Ruth and Brianna Nash – President/Construction Coordinator (Larry) – Email – larrynash1943@yahoo.com

Mike Kennedy – Vice President/Sponsorship Program Coordinator – Email – reesedog_21@hotmail.com 

Asten,Vilma, & Anaiyah Hull- Evangelism Outreach Coordinator- Email-asten78@yahoo.com