Monday, August 1:

Pray for the Chicago Mission Team as they minister through Vacation Bible School this week. Team Members are:  Tommy Justus, Cole Blackmon, Heather Clubb, Abarry Clubb, Kristen Davids, Hannah Ellison, Ellie McDowell, Joe Meadows , Laura Beth Murray, Jamie Weathers,  and Drew Yost.

Tuesday, August 2:

Remember the children who are a part of Vacation Bible School in Chicago this week.  May they come to know Jesus this week.

Wednesday, August 3:

Pray for the Brazil Mission Team who is leaving for Brazil today.  Team Members are:  James, Thomas, andWally Davids, Samuel Ramsey, and Glenn Tucker.

Thursday, August 4:

Remember Tommy Justus, Wanda Kidd, Rachel Henry, Gil Henry, the Korean Students and Jamie Fitzgerald, as they travel to Nashville to debrief their summer intern experience as a part of Selah Vie.  Ask God to help this be a sweet and meaningful experience for those who are attending.

Friday, August 5:

Pray that you remain steadfast and do not let summer activities crowd out time each day with God.  Pray that our families will share Bible time with their children.

Saturday, August 6:

Remember The Lord’s Harvest as they deliver food to the Spillcorn Community of Madison County at the Colvin Creek Community Church.  Pray for those who will be receiving the food that they will feel the love of Jesus through as they receive the food.

Pray for our Chicago Mission Team as they travel home today.

Sunday, August 7:

Give thanks for our time of Bible Study and worship today.

Ask God to help us feel the Spirit working in and though us as we study God’s word and worship.

Remember the Brazil mission team as they lead in worship today.