If you have been in the youth group since I came to Mars Hill Baptist then this is to you. You are in a group that the culture labels Millennials. There is plenty published out there about your tendencies and practices, but this is personal because I know you. You developed into professionals in a very different world than your parents or I knew. Many of you have remained local and connected with our church or another church. Others of you remain regional, which means you still attend when you can but are not able to be here on most Sundays. Even others have ventured out in the world but still have never made connection at another church, so you still consider yourself part of Mars Hill Baptist. This is not a critique, just an observation. I am also very aware of how many of you have fared in this world. You have been successful, I am not talking about your financial status, but how you have connected to help others, particularly those less fortunate or vulnerable in our world. Some of you have been involved through your careers, while others have connected through international communities and churches to make the world a better place. Regardless, you have been blessed, meaning headed down the right path. God’s guidance is an important part of that journey that was modeled for you at Mars Hill Baptist. This brings me to my point or points.

First of all, I am interested in knowing specific details about your spiritual life. It seems that calling from God is a priority for most of you whether spoken or just sensed. I am curious how that has affected your continued spiritual connection where you live your life now and how you understand it. For some of you it will be a good reflection as you approach 30 or 40.

The second point is a request and a promise; I am trying to stay better connected to you, especially if you are not able to be in Mars Hill every Sunday. We are updating our website with a YouTube link to watch services weekly. We also are renewing our effort to post pictures and general information on the site. The site also has a Giving link. Many of you asked for this opportunity to make regular contributions to the church through the website. I hope you will pay attention to this. Others helped pay the way for you when you came through with children’s choir, Sunday school, and youth group, just to mention a few things; now we need your help to continue offering these opportunities to others, not just in our church but others in our area who may not find a comfortable place to develop their faith.

Let me know what you think about this and other data you find that might be helpful to other churches like ours who are struggling to be a faithful witnesses to Christ in today’s world.

Love in Christ,