We have had an awesome Vacation Bible School this week!  57 children participated in learning how to have “Olympic Faith”!  The children learned the stories of how to: stay focused on Christ through the story of Mary and Martha; be committed to Christ through the story of Ruth and Naomi; and to accept Christ and all God’s children through the story of Zacheus.

It takes a LOT of people to help make Bible School a success. Our “Olympic” staff, crew, and coaches numbered well over 35.  Each night the children had a delicious kid friendly meal, followed by a time of gathering.  They rotated through Bible Story time, missions, crafts, and recreation.  These classes reemphasized the theme for the evening and helped them learn their Bible verse paired with the night’s theme. (These verses are LONG, you should have a look at some of them-we were so impressed that almost every child memorized three very LONG verses!!!).

Words are not enough to thank everyone who helped us make Vacation Bible School a success!  We are grateful for every person who helped to make dinner, served our little ones, cleaned up the kitchen, taught a class, decorated the fellowship hall or a classroom, provided money for meals, prayed for our Bible School before and during, worked as a leader in anyway, and especially to Gwen Bowles for her leadership and creativity in writing the curriculum.  So many hours go into preparing for Bible School and making it happen.  So many people have given every last ounce of strength they had to help our children Know Christ this week!  We believe this time together has planted seeds of faith that will continue to grow and will one day culminate in their acceptance of Christ as their personal Savior! 

Please continue to pray for these children throughout the summer that God will continue to work in their lives! We have little shoe name tags with the names of those who attended Vacation Bible School on the board outside the sanctuary.  We are asking our folks to pull off a name, take that name home and pray for one of our children this summer to help us keep the Vacation Bible School momentum going!  It is our prayer that all these children will continue to grow in their relationship with God: to know that God loves them and cares for them; that God never leaves them; and that they will come to know God as their personal Savior! And may we all be blessed by incredible “Olympic Faith” !

To God be the glory!!!

Sharon Howell Welsch, Associate Pastor